Glass and crystal
The general methodology in decorating glass or crystal is sandblasting using a stencil mask and fine detail can be had and is suitable for high volume work as it is quicker than diamond drag engraving - the downside is the finish is flat and lacks lustre.

Diamond engraving produces a V groove cut into the surface of the glass, this helps to create the shine to the finish, adds depth to the engraved logo or text and when caught in the light looks far superior to sandblasting.

Recently we were commissioned to diamiond engrave crystal tankards with a logo on one side and a message on the other, we were requested to colour fill the logo in a blue saphire colour, this we did with a fantastic result as it really showed off the logo against the clear crystal.

Engraved Crystal decanter set


Cheese Iron Project
A solid silver slim trowel which we under to engrave for a Swedish company. Fine detail
was diamond engraved on a narrow wavy centre section and two line of text on a 16mm diameter handle which left little room for miskakes, Ther job was complicated by the odd shape which had to be carfeully housed in a specially made jig. The customer gave us the urgent order on theWednesday & received befroe 5pm the next day befroe he flew to Holland.

Diamond Engraved Cheese Iron

Ice buckets and stainles steel trays
We were recently commissioned to diamond engrave 50 off 350 mm stainless steel brushed steel trays and 50 ice buckets of 250 mm diameter with two logos back to back on the front and rear of the ice bucket . The trays were relatively straight forward but the ice bucket had to be rotary engraved with the logo in the exact same position front and back - the system we use allows us to automicatically assign the job to engrave in the two positions and we can engrave around the whole ice bucket if required with precision and without the need to remove the bucket. The customer thought our engaving onto stainless was fantastic.

Diamond Engraved  ice buckets

Royal Wedding - Prince William and Kate Middleton
The Coat of Arms for Prince William was redrawn and approved for use by the Kings Garter in London through our Trade Association. The detail and complexity of this design takes in excess of 35 minutes to diamond engrave but the quality and finish of the serving tray and polished stainess plate which was recently shown at the Spring Fair received outstanding comments To see this example of the quality of our workmanship please ask when you see us. The whole range will shortly be on sale on Amazon

Daimond Engraved salver tray


Cocktail Shakers
We have recently completed a propject of supplying and diamond engraving 125 cocktail shakers in stainless steel, a logo and strapline were diamond engraved using a spinning technique to enhance the depth of engraving as stainless is a very hard metal and not that easy to engrave. The job was completed within a week for the customer.

Diamond engraved coktail shaker

Well we had some fun diamond engraving a helicopter as the rotor blades intefered with the damond head so we had to preoduce a special jig so we could fit the helicopter. The helicopter was silver and the diamond engraving had to be precise. The customer had tried to get it engraved by other suppliers who couldn't fit it in to their machine - where there's a will there's a way and we always aim to please.

diamond engraved helicopter

We have recently setup our own buckle engravving jig to diamond engrave clutch buckles, cast nickel buckles and brass buckles in a range of sizes all with diamond engraved company logos, text or designs. Devanet belts wholesale and sell to the corporate customer a complete range of webbing belts and leather belts. Engraving services are available for diamond engraving of buckles, plate styles and clutch type buckles

Diamond Engraved belt buckle

Diamond Engraved belt buckle